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Periwinkle Zippers Sampler


#5 Periwinkle - Silver

#5 Periwinkle - Rose Gold

#5 Periwinkle - Rainbow

#5 Periwinkle - Gold

#5 Periwinkle - Gunmetal

#5 Periwinkle - Regular

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Periwinkle Zippers Sampler Kit includes

6 yards of Nylon Coil Blue Zipper Tape (1 yard of each coil color) and 18 zipper pulls (3 matching pulls per yard)


Periwinkle with Silver Coil
Periwinkle with Rose Gold Coil
Periwinkle with Rainbow Coil
Periwinkle with Gold Coil
Periwinkle with Gunmetal Coil
Periwinkle with Regular Coil

Zipper tapes are 1 1/4 inches wide.

Metallic Finish Nylon Zipper (looks like metal zipper) –
100% Nylon
Use it with one or two pulls (the zipper is two ways)
Soft and flexible yet strong and durable
Perfect for purses, bags, totes, carriers, and more


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Weight 7 oz


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