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Silkroad Fusion Bundle

From: Original price was: $27.92.Current price is: $25.12.

Silkroad Fusion collection.

100% cotton – quilting cotton weight.

Fabric bundles are sold in 1/2 yd increments – multiples will be cut continuously.

Individual Fabrics are sold in 1/4 yd increments – multiples will be cut continuously

Zipper bundles include 1 yard of zipper tape per color. – multiples can be cut continuously upon request, otherwise will be sent individually.

Webbings are sold in packages of 3 yds or 6 yds.


Step 1: Choose fabrics individually or the bundle for all fabrics.

Step 2:  Optional: If you like, add a matching zipper bundle – when adding zippers, you’ll save 20%.

Step 3: Optional: If you like, add matching webbing: select size (1″ or 1 1/2″) and color – when adding webbing, you’ll save 20%.


You can add multiples on each of the available options.