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#5 Black Metal Zipper with Gold Teeth

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Zippers by the yard in Black Metal with Gold teeth.

Kit includes #5 zipper by the yard and your selection of zipper pulls.

Choose the quantity for zipper tape by yard and for pulls. The zipper tape will be cut continuously. This zipper tape has corresponding metal zipper pulls that match the shiny coil.

These Metal Coil Zippers are premium quality. Colors are vibrant and the coil is shiny. The zipper is two ways, you can install one or two head to head pulls. These zippers are designed for metal zipper tape and are non locking. They are very high quality, thick and strong providing a beautiful finishing touch for handbags. Use it for high end bags as well as other craft projects.

You can cut the zipper tape with regular scissors to the size you need (plus seam allowance) and sew over the zipper coil. We also carry a zipper jig to attach the pulls.

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For our international buyers, 1 yard (36”) is 91.44 cm.

Zipper width is 1 1/4 inches and the teeth size is 5 mm. We guarantee that our zipper pulls will fit our zipper tape, but different suppliers may have different sizes and may not have zipper pulls that fit our zipper tape.

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We offer a large selection of zipper pulls to match the theme or the materials your use for your project.