Regular Zipper Pulls – Metallic

From: $5.49

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Listing is for Regular (Donut) Zipper Pulls.


#3 and #5 sizes are available for the metallic pulls in: silver, gold, rose gold, gunmetal, antique bronze, and rainbow.


Select locking or non-locking for the metallic colors.

  • Non-locking pulls will move with the slight pleasure.  These pulls are suitable for bags or decorative accents where zipper is not required to hold a garment in place.
  • Locking pulls prevents the slider from moving on its own if the tape .  These pulls are suitable for garments that need to keep the zipper close such as: dresses, skirts, etc.


#5 Pulls are also available in a variety of colors to match our regular zippers.


These pulls are made to be used on #3 or  #5 zipper tape and they are available in multiple colors.  Zippers width vary from vendor to vendor, but these pulls will fit the zippers from our store.



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